My wife and I knew when we got married it would be very difficult for us to conceive a child of our own. We tried for several years without success, and after careful consideration decided we would like to grow our family through adoption. We chose a local agency to assist us with the adoption process, and what a process! We filled out a phone book full of forms, attended classes, met with social workers, and then waited. And waited. Several opportunities came our way but did not work out. After months of waiting I was trying not to get my hopes up too often because I knew that we would be matched with who we were meant to be matched with. We were matched with twin boys after nine months. Overjoyed and overwhelmed comes close to what we were feeling. One of the biggest hurdles we faced at this point was that our adoption would now cost roughly twice what we had planned. We went into scramble mode – we reached out to family and friends, did different fundraising activities, and started applying for grants. The Buescher Foundation awarded us a grant, and we are forever grateful for the help. The grant helped us become a family of four, and our family is the most important thing in the world to us. We now have two beautiful one year old boys. From the bottom of our hearts we thank The Buescher Foundation for their generosity.


We are so incredibly grateful to the Buescher Foundation for their generous grant donation towards our adoption. As everyone knows, adoption is very expensive and can be financially draining as well as a huge barrier to those wanting to adopt. It’s such a humbling experience to receive kindness and financial assistance from people you’ve never even met. We fully believe that God has a hand in our adoption as we wait and that God has gifted the hearts of the Buescher family with generosity and kindness that we may never be able to fully repay. But that’s just another example of the gospel. Finding yourself in a situation of receiving grace that we cannot repay. What a gift indeed. We will be forever thankful for this grant and for the Buescher Foundation’s significant part in helping us to bring our baby home.


The impact from the Buescher Foundation had such a direct and immediate ramification for our family. While pulling in all the pieces to fund our adoption in 2019, I was working 2 jobs. Their grant made it not only possible for our little girl to come home, but for me to be able to spend the true time with her we all needed. Thank you Buescher family for making ours possible!


When entering into the adoption process, there is so much uncertainty on how you will raise/save money for your adoption. We felt such a peace in knowing that if we followed the Lord’s calling to adopt, that He would provide. The Buescher foundation was a part of the Lord providing, and the gratitude we have for their foundation following their calling to serve adoptive families is such a blessing! Thank you Buescher family for helping us pay for our adoption and bring our sweet baby girl home!


We are so thankful for the generosity of The Buescher Foundation! Their grant played an integral part in bringing our daughter home. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to apply and be granted a Buescher Foundation grant! Their application process was efficient, response time was quick, and generosity a huge blessing. Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our adoption journey of our sweet daughter!


The Buescher Foundation were so caring and thoughtful during our adoption process. We had originally been awarded a grant with our first adoption, which sadly failed. We were devastated and it took some time before the process was started over. During that time, the Foundation allowed our grant to stay active (when other foundations did not) and a year later we adopted our beautiful daughter!


In March 2020 we adopted our little girl, Elowen. Her adoption brought many challenges, health was one obstacle and finances were another. We feel that any family wanting to adopt should not have to “wonder” how the adoption will be paid for. We are forever thankful for grants and foundations created to help families be made. The Buescher Foundation was a tremendous blessing in helping us work through the financial side of adoption. We could not be more appreciative!