A Precious Family

The journey to grow our family through adoption officially began in April 2015 with our home study agency and Christian Adoption Consultants. After completing our home study in one short month, we were ready to be matched! After considering a couple situations, we saw one that completely caught our attention. After waiting anxiously to hear back, we received a phone call that the expectant mom had chosen us and we were matched with a baby girl due at the beginning of July. To say that we were excited is an understatement!  When we began the process, we never expected to have three months between the time we started the process to the time we were placed. We began preparing for her arrival and looked forward to talking with the expectant mom. Unfortunately, just a couple weeks later, we received a devastating phone call that the mom we were matched with had delivered the baby at some point in the past week and had stopped contacting the agency. We were crushed emotionally and so overwhelmed financially. Over the few couple weeks, we picked up the pieces, tried to fight back tears when people would ask, and looked for ways to move past the financial loss.

We began to see other situations with growing disappointment and apathy because with each one we felt no desire to present. One Wednesday afternoon, we received an email from our agency that there was another situation that they were working on and that it would be sent out later that day. For some reason, waiting for that situation was different. We waited so anxiously for that email because we “just knew.” As we read through the situation, we both became more excited and were absolutely interested in presenting. On July 1st, we received the call that she had chosen us! While there were definitely days of fear that this would turn out similar to the last, we continued to move forward in anticipation. On Wednesday, August 12th, as we walked from the pool back to our hotel room, we received a call that a baby girl had been born that morning. We were so excited! On Friday evening, we were finally able to see our sweet baby girl, Jane, and she was perfect.

Our life has changed dramatically over the past four months and we love our sweet baby Jane. We look forward to watching Jane grow and continuing to develop a relationship with her birth family. We are so grateful to God for this precious gift. We are also so thankful for the Buescher Foundation and the passion that they have for assisting adoptive families.